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I'm not the real paris Hilton it's just 4 a roleplay!


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Hey Sexy,

what`s up? yeah now my second letter to you and my friends ... I don`t do anything special but it`s sp boring i`m hanging out in Paris for my new Parfum ... Fragance ... hope u buy it ^^. My sister came with me to Paris we love this town (because of the name ^^). I don`t know what i do now ... maybe i call my honey Paris ^^ ... okay i hope u have a nice weekend

Lovely Paris xoxo

3.6.05 19:29

Hey SeXy

what's up? After my sister Nicky told me about her weblog I knew that I must have one of these weblogs too *hehe* It keeps me connect to you and my lovely friends. Just a freaky idea. My sister is with me in L.A right now and I luv hangin' out with her, spend some time together and have fun. It's a great time, everyone is her my wonderful boyfriend Paris and my lovely sis. Hey 2 all the german ones I will be starring in "The O.C" 2night on Pro7, isn't it great? Luv it. With the cute Adam Brody *don't be jealous Paris*. Later I will report more bout everything on me ... so stay tuned!

Lovely Paris xoxo
1.6.05 17:49

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